HVAC Building Automation Solutions For Commerce & Industrial buildings


System description:Based on Industrial programmable logic controllers (PLC) (ABB AC500) integrated with human machine interfaces (HMI) for visualization & monitoring (Weintek, touch screen). Inspection and monitoring is arranged over secured remote connection established through VPN service (Cisco firewall) by using PC, smartphone or a tablet device.Optional possibility: database for measurements storage and consumption visualization (connection arranged over OPC server).System uses Ethernet network for communication between PLC, HMI, Server and KNX network. In some cases optical or wire-less connection is used if needed. System has nearly no limits in flexibility of structure. Any type of additional PLCs, remote monitoring units, sensors and actuators can be integrated in to the emergent building system.AC500 PLCs can additionally communicate through Modbus RTU/TCP, and therefore control remote I/O modules, chiller units, heat pumps or frequency converters often with only single cable line.

KNX/DALI Lighting ControlVentilation unit visualisation on HMI

KNX is mainly used in Offices or Luxury houses and apartments for lighting control (in combination with DALI devices). It is highly integrated with multimedia devices, security, energy metering and energy saving systems.KNX simplifies cabling networks as a single twisted pair can often suffice, with multiple elements all working together. Only independently certified devices can carry the KNX logo and this ensures high reliability. KNX devices can be connected in line, star and star formations or as a combination of all three. Single unified network can consist of thousands KNX elements. Each KNX element is programmable unit that provides possibility to get system functioning exactly as client wish.KNX System main advantage is that it does not need a central Control units (as systems with PLCs). Each element runs its own program and communicates with other pre-programmed units that also work independently form other system elements.

In building with industrial and office areas we implement solution where; AC500 PLCs control all HVAC applications and also write KNX values into the database. AC500 bases on CoDeSys platform and can be programmed in languages that comply with IEC 61131-3 standard.The AC500 PLC range consists of various CPUs, I/O modules, communication interface modules and accessories.SCADA - central process visualisation system built on Kentima WideQuick platform. Such platform allows to have high level integration between HVAC, Security and Video Surveillance systems.All that combined creates a fully equipped package for BMS (Building Monitoring System).

ABB AC500 PLC koos moodulitega

Building Automation Services For Commerce & Industrial buildings


List of our services:

•Turnkey building automation solutions for HVAC & building control

•Local and remote technical support with reprogramming services

•Renovation of existing building automation to our platform

•Building automation design with control logic descriptions

•HVAC electrical design

•HVAC design consultations for client

•Energy monitoring solutions & smart metering (web based platform)

•Continuous support and updates for our products during their life-time

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