Replacement of CNC control of any type by NCT control, upgrading NCT controls. Rebuilding conventional machines into CNC one. Complete electrical and mechanical retrofitting or modernization of machine tools. Replacement and installation of industrial controls. RS232/USB converter and installation of FEW (integrated PC). Installation of vapour collector and device for cooling water treatment. Building cooler and air conditioner into the control box. Building active cooling into the electrical box additionally. Services relating to CNC lathes: Replacement of turret. Rebuilding for live tooling. Selling and servicing HEIMATEC static and live tool holders. Replacement of chuck and collet chuck. Replacement of hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic clamping device. Installation of high-pressure device for cooling water treatment. Installation of and servicing bar guide and bar feeder. Replacement of and upgrading hydraulic supply unit. Development of special solutions, having them produced, and installation. Exchange of EEN-320 and EEN-400 type CNC lathes and their components. Services relating to CNC milling-machining centres: Installation of and servicing indexing devices and rotary tables. Installation, repair and replacement of workpiece and tool measuring touch probe. Additional installation of cooling through the tool. Installation of high-speed built-in spindle. Development of special solutions, having them produced, and installation;

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Manufacture: NCT
Model: MM-760

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Rigid casting bed, column and slides
Mounted, linear guideways on all axis
Slide system and ball screws with central oil lubrication
Without counterweight
Telescopic metal guideway cover on every axes heads
Y axis cover moves under column
Easy to open, large glass side working space doors
Belt driven spindle
Spindle taper #40, DIN or BT tooling
Spindle Taper cleaning by airblow
Headstock spindle bearings with life long grease lubrication
Ground, highprecision double nut ball screws
Ball screws pretensioned and supported in bearings at both ends
Umbrella type magazine

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