There is no process we can't automate

Our team of automation and engineering experts is able to solve the most challenging
production improvement requests. Lets automate every and each piece of production to
lower down cost and increase time to market.

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Challenges we solve
Production is affected by unpredicted outages
Manufacturing operational cost are high
Product quality is not stable
Ready to use solution is not available on the market
Manufacturing is slowed down due to manual work
Limited visibility of manufacturing performance
Core Business
Industrial Robots
The most feasible way to increase production efficiency and automate important routine.

We started implementing industrial robots more than 10 years ago. Truly unique experience in a wide field of Industries; from welding applications, till assembling, sorting and palletizing. Our robots are used on every stage of production processes. Some robots load and infeed raw material; other robots make products or products components and at the end of the line our robot packing, labeling, palletizing ready to use goods.

Our target always was and still is to find robot solutions for any budget. Major criteria why customers come back to us to purchase the next robot station is our experience and capability to support our customer in any aspect of technology which is coming with robots and around them.

Our System engineers and developers have experience in robot technologies, which are used in industry for the last two decades. We specialized in most reliable brands such as KUKA, ABB, Motoman, Fanuc, Hyundai, IGM and Universal.

We always provide professional level Solutions which last many years and give to our customers' additional production capacities and leads to higher incomes.
    Machine Vision
    Bring product quality verification and control to the next level.

    Due to the fact that labor costs increased tremendously during last years and Machine
    Vision technologies prices decreased. Vision systems become time and money saving
    solutions on many production stages. An efficient tool in boosting company productivity and
    rising product quality. The machine vision features widely used in:

    ● Surface defects inspection: plastic, paper, metal, wood and cloth;
    ● Assembly verification and geometry measurement;
    ● Sorting of raw material and final product by color, shape and geometry;
    ● Barcodes, 2D codes, digit and character codes reading.

    Here as well our experience lets us implement most efficient Machine Vision tools and
    algorithms to reach the project goal in a most efficient way.
      Process Automation
      Streamline manufacturing and reduced operations costs at the same time.

      From that moment when Henry Ford implemented automated production principles at his car factories, the era of Automated Manufacturing started.

      Our company deals with all aspects of automation. Our expertise spreads on each level of Automation.

      • Field Level: we represent and supply most of the common and well proven brands to our market. Such as Siemens, Emerson, Festo, Bosch, ABB, IFM, Heidenhain and many others.
      • Control Level: we represent CODESYS in our region and also deal with PLCs from SIEMENS, ABB, OMRON, Mitsubishi, SAIA-Burgess.
      • Supervision Level: Industrial IT solution of any difficulties level, SCADA (Wonderware InTouch, KENTIMA, SIEMENS PCS7).
      We are ready to automate any type of mass production and we have resources and knowledge for that.
        Industrial IT
        Bridging process automation and IT solutions as additional competitive advantage.

        Nowadays real time data is a key component of business decisions and production management. That's why supply, production, maintenance and resource planning managers and nearly all departments want to have data on their fingertips right now, regardless from the location and the device.

        Important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) here are the ratio between resources spent, like time, goods and product own price. Also, managers are interested in maximum and minimum production output per hour, maintenance windows and total amount of working and standby hours and their impact to business. And many others.

        All that data needs to be collected, analyzed, visualized and supplied as input for other systems integrations. Data itself clearly has a value. But to get most of it, there should be automation and integration in place to reduce manual work and streamline data exchange between systems. Cost reduction is one of the drivers here.

        That is the step where Industry 4.0 comes into the game. That's why our IT solutions department consists of business developers, networking and systems administrators, code developers, systems engineers and analytics. Each of them has deep knowledge in the curtain domain, but they are united as a project team to reach the goals. In a short period of time they are able to analyze customer requirements, prototype, test and offer the most efficient solution and deploy it into production.
        Maintenance and Refurbishment Services
        Prevent downtime and unexpected investments by regular maintenance.

        All robots require preventive maintenance to ensure peak performance of the production line. Without regular preventive maintenance and check-ups, parts or components of the robot may break or cause malfunctions. This, in turn, may slow down or even completely halt the production process. Properly maintained robots will work for years or even decades before they need to be replaced. A regular schedule of maintenance contributes to the exponential growth of the lifespan of your robot.

        The recommended periods of preventative maintenance differ amongst manufacturers.

        For example, FANUC and ABB industrial robots require maintenance every 3850 working hours or at least once a year whilst KUKA robots need maintenance after 10 000 working hours. It is important to check the maintenance manual of each robot in order to determine the correct maintenance schedule.

        Preventive measures scheduled in accordance with maintenance instructions help to avoid costly production interruptions brought on by mechanical breakdowns. The short-term delays in production caused by scheduled maintenance cannot be compared to the more extensive delays induced by unexpected failures of robots. As a part of our maintenance service, we monitor robot working hours remotely with specialized software and notify customers accordingly.
        Mechanical Design
        Custom solutions to meet specific requirements.

        Our experienced mechanical engineers (25 years in industry) are able to find solutions for all kinds of requests. Industries where we already build successfully running production lines and machines vary from food to heavy industries.

        We focus to develop and implement practical and reliable solutions, which will last for decades. We deal in the field of machine design, prototyping, product development and consulting.

        Through the network of our partners we fabricate custom designed parts and components, which are later assembled into OMD branded machines.
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