Painting robots and solutions for your company

OMD OÜ is the only company selling specialized painting robots on the Estonian market.

In cooperation with our partner CMA Robotics Systems, we offer painting robots for the following fields:
*metal (for both liquid and powder spraying)
*plastic and

We offer ready-made systems and integration service with existing systems.

There is no doubt that the return on automation far exceeds the amount of the initial investment, and there are already plenty of examples of this in today's industry.

We call upon companies that once calculated that they could not afford robotic production, to contact us, and together we will reconsider the opportunities available today in the rapidly evolving industrial sector.
The main reasons for choosing painting robots today
1. Workforce and productivity
The pricing of automation and robot technology is not as expensive as one would think and is decreasing with each passing year. The acquisition cost may still seem high, but automation will increase productivity while reducing costs over subsequent production years.
A single robot can work without rest breaks in three shifts, seven days a week, allowing substantial savings at the expense of labour costs, which is the highest cost source in companies today.
2. Quality
In order to remain competitive, manufacturing companies cannot afford any fluctuations in product quality, especially when it comes to painting. With each robot acquired, companies can improve quality by always ensuring the same process parameters and colour gun movements. Properly tuned robots offer consistent high quality no matter the time of day, day of the week or mood of the moment.
3. Raw materials
Thanks to the high accuracy class of robots, automation can reduce the cost of coverage by about 30%. By using a multi-component dispenser (such as Graco ProMix PD2K or ProMix 2KS) that mixes the dyes close to the gun, even higher savings on raw material, and higher productivity, can be achieved.
4. Modern software
Modern paint robot technology is widely used with 2D and 3D scanners to identify the shape and geometry points of the product. Systems are so advanced that there is no need to write an additional program. The paint robot automatically generates the program, using detection algorithms and predefined painting methods.

We recommend using such systems on windows and door painting lines.
5. Occupational health and the distribution of job roles
Coating processes using chemicals that are toxic to humans and potentially explosive are widely in use in the paint industry. Using robots in such environments is the only way to maximise an employee's health risks. Most paint robots are IP67 rated and have ATEX certification. Thanks to the PTFE and EPDM seals, robot housings are fully sealed.

Robots take on jobs requiring repeated movements, thereby reducing the risks of accidents at work and job dissatisfaction. Thanks to robots, skilled employees can focus on more complex and decision-intensive tasks.
6. Flexibility
Robots can be easily and quickly reprogrammed for new jobs. A robot is an ideal student. Record the robot's movements on the first use, and that's it.
So it doesn't matter if the batches are bigger or smaller, the robot can handle it all! In addition, once the programme has been saved, it can be immediately applied to repeat orders.

Areas of use >>> Main applications

Window and door industry
Robotic solutions and complete equipment for painting windows, panels, doors, furniture accessories with automatic program generation, using advanced 3D vision systems, delivering the best quality and flexibility in the market today.
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Metal Industry
1. Robotic solutions for liquid and powder spraying;
2. Robotic painting solutions for boilers, electric motors and various metal surfaces;
3. Robotic painting solutions for different complexity and product groups;
4. Creating programs integrated with PTP vision systems and automatically identifying details.
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Furniture industry

Complete motion and finishing robot solutions with carousel robots for integrated furniture.
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Robotic scanning equipment
By using scanning devices, it is possible to dispense the need to program software for robots because the device allows the system to generate it automatically by scanning the dimensions of the part to be coloured and colours it using an automatically generated program.


· Automatic generation of coverage cycles;
· There is no need for a specially trained robot operator;
· Increased productivity;
· Very precise process optimization;
· High savings of finishing materials;
· Exceptional and consistent finish quality.
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Programming of functions
Different methods are used to program robots, all with a Windows software-based interface, installed on an industrial computer or Teach Pendant.
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